The 2 main steps for people who intend to build a greenhouse are obtaining the necessary permits for construction and estimating its costs. In this article, we will discuss these two important principles.

The 2 main steps for people who intend to build a greenhouse are obtaining the necessary permits for construction and estimating its costs. If you want to know more about the cost of building a greenhouse and the necessary permits for construction in 1401, stay with us.

The first step for building a greenhouse is obtaining the required permits. Without a permit, you will be deprived of even the most basic things like water, electricity and gas. To get this license, you must apply through Jihad Agriculture and the Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources.

Necessary steps to obtain a license to establish a greenhouse

These steps will generally guide you to obtain a permit, but if you need more detailed information, it is better to refer to the agricultural jihad and the organization of the agricultural and natural resources engineering system.

The applicant must refer to the window system of the department of licenses and permits, complete the application form and provide the required documents.
Then he must register his request and file a case. In this section, the expert of the Agricultural Engineering System Organization provides the tracking code to the applicant.
The applicant must submit a letter of commitment to comply with environmental standards to the Agricultural Engineering System Organization.
The expert of the Agricultural Engineering System Organization adjusts the documents and queries with the rules and regulations related to the issuance of the license.
The applicant prepares and presents a technical, economic and financial justification plan through a qualified consulting engineer.
The license is issued with the signature of the head of the agricultural engineering system organization of the province.
Greenhouse construction costs

One of the most important things that people should consider before building a greenhouse is the cost of its construction. This cost depends on many factors.

But what factors affect these pri

ces? In the following, we examine the factors affecting the price of greenhouse construction.

Land and structure size

About 40-50% of the total cost of building a greenhouse is allocated to the structure itself. The size of the structure, construction area, type of building and climatic conditions are factors that affect its price.

For example, building a structure in a windy area costs more because the builder must make the structure resistant to wind. Another factor affecting the price of the structure itself is its height, which can be between 2.5 and 9 meters.

Cultivation type

The costs of building a greenhouse can be different according to the type of product and the type of cultivation. In general, the cost of hydroponic cultivation is much higher than soil cultivation.

Anti-insect net

Greenhouses are always exposed to pests and diseases, and one of the best ways to deal with them physically is to use an insect net. It may seem that installing a net is an additional cost, but we must say that these nets prevent possible losses, especially in areas with a lot of insects.

The climate of the region

You should choose the type of structure according to the climate of the region where you intend to build. This issue also affects the costs of building a greenhouse. For this, you should consider the air temperature, air humidity, light and wind of the area and choose the type of weapons according to that.

Heating system

According to the needs of the greenhouse, the heating system can be a heater of hot air furnaces or a boiler. Boiler heating system costs more than other systems. The type and number of these devices affect the price and costs of building a greenhouse.

cooling system

The greenhouse cooling system is also one of the things that affects the price of greenhouse construction. The climate of some regions is such that one does not need to install and operate the cooling system in the greenhouse.

Some other areas may also require multiple cooling systems. The ventilation system and shading are a subset of the greenhouse cooling system.

air conditioning system

The proper ventilation system has a great impact on the quality and efficiency of the greenhouse, and for this reason, it also affects its price. Roof windows and holes that were installed in the greenhouse help to exchange air with the outside environment and make the temperature and humidity uniform throughout the greenhouse environment.

Ventilation fans also help this process and circulate the air inside the greenhouse. Considering one or both of these cases in structural engineering increases the cost of setting up a greenhouse.

Shading system

Another greenhouse equipment that increases the price of the structure is the shading system, which is used to reduce the temperature and light of the greenhouse. Since the weather in most parts of Iran is hot and dry, having a greenhouse equipped with this system is very important and increases its price.

Greenhouse cover

There are many greenhouse covers that a person should choose according to the climate, product and needs, and these items definitely have different prices, which we will mention below:

Glass greenhouse cover
Polycarbonate greenhouse cover
Plastic greenhouse cover
Fiberglass greenhouse cover
Polyethylene greenhouse cover

Among the above, polycarbonate greenhouse cover has better quality, but its price is also higher for greenhouse construction.

Artificial light

Artificial light is very important in modern agriculture. This system is used for coastal and dimly lit cities where the sky is mostly cloudy and of course the cold seasons of the year. The fact that the greenhouse is equipped with artificial light increases its price.

Automation system

The automation system is a type of intelligent control system that you can use to control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse by SMS or the Internet. This system shows the humidity and air temperature on the screen 24 hours a day.

Another feature of this system is to provide graphs that show various factors related to the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse in certain time intervals so that you can check its effect on the plants. This system has full automatic and manual adjustment.