Sepidsazeh Greenhouse Industries Group was established in 2000 with the aim of equipping and expanding modern greenhouses. The company started its activity with the construction of prefabricated commercial and research greenhouses and with the progress in this field, entered the field of manufacturing mechanized greenhouses with modern plastic cover, glass greenhouses and greenhouse equipment. Planning and careful consideration of the construction of special parts of the greenhouse, including fasteners, nylon locks, rails and gears, etc., as well as the provision of special greenhouse equipment is one of the advantages of Sepid Sazeh Company.Today, in addition to building greenhouses, the company has been in charge of leading a wide range of supply and distribution of greenhouse equipment and has provided these services to greenhouse producers and users throughout Iran. Sepid Sazeh Greenhouse Industries Group is always trying to develop foreign markets in addition to the domestic market by observing sufficient principles and international standards.


  1. Consulting, design, construction and commissioning of modern greenhouse projects in all types of glass, polycarbonate and plastic according to international standards and the organization of the country's engineering system
  2. Design and production of all parts and fittings related to greenhouse structures
  3. Design and operation of all greenhouse systems such as heating and refrigeration systems, automation and intelligent feeding systems, shading systems and energy saving, misting and all equipment related to the greenhouse
  4. Design and commissioning of water supply systems, electricity, landscaping and all civil affairs and ....
  5. Installation of all imported and domestic greenhouse structures with the highest quality
  6. The most complete manufacturer of specialized greenhouse profiles such as combined etch profiles, locking, U profiles and other specialized sections of the greenhouse
  7. The first manufacturer of rock and pinion of roof windows of greenhouse structures in accordance with European standards in Iran

Special benefits

  1. Review of studies in the project area and, if necessary, redesign with the aim of technical and economic approval of the project and, if necessary, at the request of the employer
  2. Carrying out all stages of design, supply and construction of the project in different parts of the structure, including structure, coating, cooling, heating, fans, energy saving and other equipment and infrastructure facilities
  3. Specialization of all parts, structural requirements and facilities with the aim of strength and standardization while managing cost and reasonable cost
  4. The first manufacturer of one-piece H-profile in the greenhouse industry with the aim of promoting greater strength and quality in greenhouse structures
  5. Specialized production of 40 * 40 H profiles to strengthen the arc connection
  6. The first manufacturer of Gatik arches with 9.60 aperture to increase strength, withstand stress and additional loads
    Leading in the field of localization of main equipment and supplies of greenhouses such as rock and pinion
  7. with the aim of upgrading and increasing the quality with existing foreign samples and reducing costs