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Frequently asked questions about greenhouse construction

The most important advantages of constructing greenhouses are out-of-season production, maximum control over the use of inputs and resources. ( More Info )

The construction of greenhouses is always associated with risks that were controlled when designing and determining the cultivation pattern, depending on the type of area and the type of product.

In short, after determining the land for construction and obtaining the necessary permits, depending on the type of funding source, the supply and installation phase begins, which requires more consultation with sales experts. ( More Info )

Commercial greenhouses, depending on the type and level of technology used, their dimensions are determined by considering the climate of the region. Primary sources include water, electricity and fuel are an integral part. But in the case of soil, as mentioned, in case of using hydroponics or hydroponics technology, it can be avoided, except for its mechanical testing to perform the piling and concreting stage. ( More Info )

In general, the width of openings and the length of greenhouse units are directly related to the climate of the region for construction. In such a way that for windy areas with snowfall, openings with a width of 8 meters and for temperate areas, units with a width of 9.6 to 12.8 are recommended.

In order to control the resources used during planting and holding the crop and to improve the quality of the crop and finally to increase the efficiency of the crop, hydroponic cultivation or hydroponics is recommended and as its name suggests, the crop is fed only by water and liquid fertilizer in its suitable bed. ( More Info )

The final height of greenhouses is usually between 6 to 9 meters depending on the type of product and climate of the region. The higher the height of the greenhouses, the more stable the temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide available in Gaba, as well as the higher the efficiency. Of course, this also has an impact on the cost.

Ventilation in greenhouses is done by skylights and ventilation fans. Depending on the climate of the region and the type of greenhouse design, single and double windows or pigeon wings are installed in mechanized greenhouses.

At the time of determining the cultivation pattern and finally the type of product, the type of seed and its cultivar, as well as the type of fertilizer and pesticide required are suggested.

In mechanized greenhouses, there are two ways to install greenhouse cooling to reduce the temperature; Cellulose pads and spray. ( More Info )

This is done by heaters with hot air heaters and boiler systems or hot water pipes. ( More Info )

According to the target market and the appropriate climate for optimal use of resources, the cultivation pattern of the greenhouse unit and the type of product can be selected, which requires market research. ( More Info )

In order to reduce labor force and human error, greenhouses are being smartened today by various sensors and precision instruments.

This is considered when determining the type of greenhouse crop, but is usually between 3 to 9 months for summer crops and all year round for ornamental flowers such as cut flowers.

Nowadays, considering the controllable conditions, fruit trees can be grown in greenhouses in order to completely prevent frost and premature garden products.

This is important only depending on the type of greenhouses and the level of technology used and the dimensions of greenhouse structures.

Greenhouses are made up of different components, each with its own complexity and cost. After reviewing the sales and design experts of the greenhouse, depending on the climate of the region and the type of product, the price and cost will be determined.

Today, competent bodies such as Jihad Keshavarzi, Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources System and Agricultural Towns Company are ready to respond to these issues in all provincial centers of the country to serve the applicants.

Competent bodies should be questioned.

Normally, productive and non-productive buildings should be considered in the design of greenhouses, which include production halls and seedling greenhouses, and non-productive buildings include sheds, management and labor buildings, sorting and packaging halls, They are cold storage and storage.

After harvesting, the product must be prepared for shipment to the target market, which is sent to sorting, packaging and warehousing units.

Harvesting is done manually and mechanized.

Greenhouses are generally divided into small-scale and commercial greenhouses, which use two types of Spanish greenhouses and glass greenhouses in commercial greenhouses. Today, Spanish greenhouses with Gothic designs and glass greenhouses with Venlo designs are known.

This is important depending on the type of product, but it starts after flowering, which is 40 to 45 days after planting.

It varies depending on the purpose and based on the experience of greenhouse units with an area of ​​over 6000 square meters are commercial.

Sepid Sazeh Company .... refers to competitive advantages

Ask competent sources. Branches of agricultural banks in provincial capitals.

It varies depending on the justification plan and different regions in the country.

A breathing and building period is generally between 1 and 1.5 years. It is better to ask competent sources as well.

By 1400, at the time of receiving a bank facility, the bank's share is 80% and the applicant's 20%.

After confirmation of 20% of the applicant and approval of the implementation process by the bank expert, installments will be paid. It is recommended to consult with the competent body.

In the end, you expanded the proposal of Drakhwasti, such as Khod Niazmand, the program of Rize, mediated by industrial engineers, Mai Basid, done for each hectare with an approximate picture. The Hestend effect. ( More Info )

Greenhouses usually need to be prepared before the planting season begins.

This time for autumn planting is the product of late September and early October.

This important thing in our country usually has a direct relationship with the price of materials, especially imported materials at the time of construction. But in the case of exports, it also makes the applicants more justifiable and strive for construction.

Commercial greenhouses are defined depending on the level of technology used in them, such as smartening and reducing human error and the area under cultivation.

For the construction of commercial greenhouses, typically over 6000 meters can be considered economical. Of course, this is also different depending on the type of product.
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