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Introducing of Sepidsazeh Dehghan Company

Sepidsazeh Greenhouse Industries Group was established in 2000 with the aim of equipping and expanding modern greenhouses. This company started its activity with the construction of prefabricated commercial and research greenhouses, and with the progress in this field, entered the field of mechanized greenhouses with modern plastic coating, glass greenhouses and greenhouse equipment. Planning and meticulous attention to the construction of special parts of the greenhouse, such as fasteners, nylon locks, rails and gears, etc., as well as the provision of special equipment for the greenhouse, are one of the advantages of Sepidsazeh company. It has been in charge of the supply and distribution of greenhouse equipment and has placed these services at the disposal of greenhouse producers and operators throughout Iran. SepidSazeh Greenhouse Industries Group is always trying to develop foreign markets in addition to the domestic market by observing sufficient principles and international standards.

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