The cost of energy in Iran is very low, and for this reason, this importance has been neglected in the construction of greenhouses in Iran. Learn about the benefits of greenhouse technology for energy management.

Energy is one of the most important issues around the world, and the world's approach in facing this phenomenon is to optimize its consumption and store it. This importance has been neglected in Iran's greenhouses due to the low cost of energy, but what equipment and technologies have been used in setting up modern greenhouses in the world? In this article, we will discuss these technologies.

Thermal curtain to reduce fuel consumption

The most widely used technology used for energy storage during the start-up of greenhouses is the thermal curtain. These curtains are used in all seasons of the year and can control light and heat well. In this way, these thermal curtains, which are also known as greenhouse energy storage nets, prevent energy loss.

Preventing energy loss by these curtains leads to positive results such as reducing the cost of fuel, cooling and heating equipment in setting up a greenhouse.

In the past and before the invention of thermal curtains, people used mud to protect their products from the sun and covered the roof with mud. The passage of time and snowfall and wind and blowing snow will destroy this mud cover. This made people think of more durable ways such as thermal curtains to save energy when building a greenhouse.

Energy saving mesh features

The material of the energy storage net is a sieving or thermal curtain made of aluminum, in which various fibers are used. These curtains can shade up to 54% for the greenhouse and save up to 45% of energy.

Depending on the needs of people when setting up a greenhouse, there are three types of thermal curtains that you can use: open, closed and dual purpose.

Advantages of using energy saving mesh

The use of thermal curtains in the construction of a greenhouse, in addition to energy storage, has other advantages, the most important of which we mention:

  • It reduces energy and fuel consumption in summer and winter seasons.
  • It shows resistance against corrosion.
  • They increase the lifespan of the greenhouse.
  • Due to the reduction of water surface evaporation, it saves irrigation water consumption.
  • The growth of plants in greenhouses that use a thermal curtain increases due to the use of a light and heat control device and also to
  • prevent temperature stress.
  • The material of the curtain is flexible.
  • Moisture does not accumulate under the energy storage curtain.

Shade curtain to reduce cooling system consumption

Reducing the consumption of the cooling system is another important thing that becomes important for modern farmers when setting up a cheap and smart greenhouse. In order to achieve their goal, these people use the shading curtain to reduce the air temperature inside the greenhouse.

In the hot months of the year, with the increase of the greenhouse effect inside the greenhouses, the use of ventilation systems such as windows, lids, cooling systems and coolers cannot reduce the ambient temperature. In such cases, the use of shading curtains helps to keep the greenhouse environment cool.

Characteristics of the greenhouse canopy curtain

Shade curtains are flexible and people can make different forms of it according to their needs. Length, width, color, density and shading percentage are variable factors that can be changed in each order.

The texture of the shading curtain is made of flat and round thread. The standard length considered for these curtains is 50 meters, and people can order these nets from 2 to 12 meters depending on their needs and orders. Usually, the custom width for the curtain should be a multiple of 2.

Advantages and uses of shading curtains

In addition to cooling the interior of the greenhouse, the shading curtain has other advantages and applications:

  • It helps the freshness of plants.
  • It has an effect on increasing the growth of plants.
  • Its life and durability is high.
  • It has a reasonable price that can save greenhouse costs.
  • The weight of the shading curtain is low.
  • It can also be used in parking lots and swimming pools.
  • By preventing wasted energy in the greenhouse, people save money by setting up a greenhouse with a shade curtain.
  • Most of the shading curtains available in the market have a 5-year warranty.
  • Shade curtains are light and easy to install.
  • They are easily assembled due to their high flexibility.
  • They prevent plants from direct sunlight.
  • Greenhouse cooling systems perform better with shading curtains.
  • By preventing surface evaporation of water, they help save greenhouse water consumption.
  • Protects plants and greenhouse products from birds and animals.
  • Protects light-sensitive plants by controlling direct sunlight.
  • Using a shade curtain during the construction of the greenhouse prevents sunburn of the leaves and fruits of the plants.

Buffer tanks to reduce fuel consumption of boilers

Boilers are one of the equipments that must be considered when setting up a greenhouse. The task of these devices is to bring the water to the required temperature in the greenhouse. The amount of water that can circulate in this system is limited, so the water reaches the required temperature in a short period of time and the compressor stops working.

Restarting the compressor in a short time requires the consumption of a significant amount of electricity and the useful life of the device is also reduced in this process. Therefore, advanced greenhouses prevent these two events by using buffer tanks. As a result, the fuel consumption of boilers also decreases.

UV ray for greenhouse water disinfection

Recently, the use of UV rays for water disinfection and water and wastewater treatment has become popular. The use of this system helps to eliminate pathogenic and chlorine-resistant microorganisms without having a negative impact on the ecosystem and environment.

The UV device is placed in the greenhouse's outlet water path and in the pipe and disinfects it instantly with radiation. In this way, the water disinfected in this process can be returned to the greenhouse consumption cycle and the greenhouse can save water consumption.