Roses are always the first choice of many people who plan to give each other flowers, that's why building a rose growing greenhouse can have many benefits.

Humans believe that every flower is a symbol that expresses an unspoken word, and we all know the rose as a symbol of love and affection.

Rose is always the first choice of many people who intend to give each other flowers, that's why making a greenhouse can bring many benefits. So, to learn more about the advantages of this work, stay with us until the end.

The importance of building a rose growing greenhouse

The roses that are available in flower shops in cities are mainly of the Dutch breed, which means the highest quality and most beautiful type. People's high interest in this type of rose has encouraged some farmers to mass produce and distribute it in different cities of the country.

On the other hand, the difference between Iran's climate and the suitable conditions for the growth of this plant in the open air is facing problems and it is possible only in a certain season of the year. For this reason, it is very important to build a space where the growers can control the climatic conditions according to the needs of the roses.

The advantages of building a rose greenhouse

The advantages of building a rose greenhouse in Iran are:

1. Appropriate sales market

As we mentioned in the previous sections, many people are very interested in roses with their various colors and models. This issue has caused their sales market to be always hot and no producer faces any particular problem to sell their roses.

2. Appropriate profit

Some species of roses, in addition to their beauty and very pleasant smell, also have medicinal properties and are used to make products such as cosmetic creams.

Despite the high price of roses compared to other flowers such as carnations or the high cost of building a greenhouse, the demand for this type of flower is high. As a result, the construction of a rose growing greenhouse is one of the most profitable jobs.

3. Great variety

The high variety of roses with different colors and shapes of petals is a basis for providing a suitable market according to the taste of all customers. Also, the possibility of coloring and transplanting some varieties of roses creates very attractive flowers with colored petals that sometimes you can see several colors on one branch.

4. High durability

The issue of durability and the time the flower survives after being separated from the main branch is very important for producers. Some samples of ornamental plants cannot even be sent to other cities of the country due to their low durability.

But most varieties of roses, especially the Dutch variety, have a long shelf life, and this feature has facilitated sending them to other parts of the country.

5. The possibility of exporting flowers

Currently, our country is the main pole of growing ornamental flowers in the region, and the city of Mahalat, known as Holland of Iran, is the main center for the production of all kinds of flowers, especially roses.

The existence of suitable greenhouses in Iran, the poverty of the neighboring countries in this regard and the long shelf life of roses are the reasons that have provided the basis for its export to the surrounding lands. The export of roses brings a very good profit for the producer, which can compensate the cost of building a greenhouse in a short time.