Farmers have different goals in mind from building a greenhouse, one of which is to increase the quality of products by closely controlling plant growth conditions. Follow the advanced greenhouse construction.

Farmers have different goals in mind from building a greenhouse, one of which is to increase the quality of products by closely controlling plant growth conditions. But can all covered cultivation spaces be successful in achieving this goal?

In this article, we intend to introduce you to advanced greenhouse systems and how they work. So stay with us until the end.

What is an advanced greenhouse?

The purpose of building an advanced greenhouse is to set up a space in sync with new technological achievements that will help farmers achieve their goals in producing high-quality products. In this generation of greenhouses, which some people also know as smart, there are sensors and equipment that prevent possible errors by increasing human control.

These greenhouses control all important factors for plant growth with the help of manual or automatic intelligent systems. For example, by determining the amount of humidity in the air and activating the warning notification when the specified limit is exceeded, they will ensure its stability.

Controllable factors in advanced greenhouse

Every plant needs some main factors of light, moisture, temperature and minerals to grow. In the most common cases, plants obtain the materials they need for their growth from the soil.

But it is better to know that the life of these organisms does not depend on the soil and they can receive nutrients through fertilizers that are soluble in water or air. As in the aeroponic and hydroponic agricultural systems, nutrients are delivered to the plant through product fertilizers in water or dusting in the air.

In the construction of advanced greenhouses, there are equipments that accurately determine the amount of important growth factors, and some of them are:

  • Temperature sensitive sensor
  • Sensor sensitive to soil and air humidity
  • Light control by creating a canopy or turning on lamps to create artificial light
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Intelligent irrigation system
  • Intelligent fogging system
  • CPU system

Advantages of advanced greenhouse construction

Building an advanced greenhouse equipped with an intelligent system has several advantages as follows:

  • In this type of greenhouses, by controlling the air temperature, they avoid wasting energy for heating or cooling excessively.
  • With the construction of an advanced greenhouse, there will be no need for many workers and paying their wages.
  • Controlling the amount of humidity and installing a smart irrigation system prevents water loss and helps preserve this valuable investment.
  • A careful examination of pests and their disposal as soon as possible, along with keeping the vital factors of plant growth constant, leads to the production of products with better quality and higher efficiency.

The cost of building an advanced greenhouse

The intelligent automation system can be used for any greenhouse with any size. But due to the high price of the required equipment, its installation may increase the cost of building home greenhouses.

On the other hand, it is logical to set up an advanced smart greenhouse in commercial samples with a large area. In this case, with the increase in the quality of the products as a result of the increase in the profit from the sale, the cost of purchasing the equipment is quickly compensated, and this work is also considered as an investment.