Building a home greenhouse in Mashhad is popular with many people due to the large size of this city and the lack of cultivation space. If you intend to grow fruits and vegetables at home, stay with us until the end of this article.

Mashhad is one of the largest cities in Iran, and due to its high population density, most of the people live in apartments and do not have enough land for agriculture and growing plants. On the other hand, due to the interest of many people in building a home greenhouse with different purposes, the importance of familiarizing with the steps of this work becomes more and more apparent.

In this article, we intend to talk to you about the importance of building a home greenhouse in Mashhad and other details related to this work. So if you are also interested in growing plants, join us.

The importance of building a home greenhouse in Mashhad

Many people are naturally interested in farming and growing different plants, but urban life and busyness have taken away the opportunity to do this work. Also, other obstacles, such as the lack of suitable cultivation space, prevent some people from farming and growing plants.

The purpose of some people to build a small greenhouse at home is only to grow houseplants and ornamentals, which will help them take care of their favorite plants in controlled conditions. Because the indoor temperature of houses, or the climate of outdoor gardens is not suitable for growing many plants, especially ornamental ones.

A group of people who care about the health of their food, want to avoid buying unhealthy food by building a home greenhouse and growing organic products to meet the family's needs.

Suitable cultivation areas at home

Most of us imagine that we need a large area of land to build a greenhouse with one of the goals we introduced in the previous section. But those who are interested in this work can help achieve their dream of agriculture by building small home greenhouses in the backyard, roof or terrace despite the obstacles.

Be careful that the smaller the space they consider for building a greenhouse, the more limited their use is in buying and installing equipment.

Advantages of building a home greenhouse in Mashhad

Creating a suitable cultivation space in today's houses and apartments has the following advantages:

  • This has a positive effect on people's morale.
  • Plants experience better growth and it will be possible to grow ornamental flowers.
  • People who have dietary restrictions and must use organic products can consume agricultural raw materials without intermediaries and with confidence.

Steps of building a home greenhouse in Mashhad

A home greenhouse is much easier to build than commercial or research varieties and requires less equipment. The general steps of this work are:

Installing the skeleton

According to the desired location of people, the type of skeleton and how to install it will also be different. For example, all kinds of wood, plastic and metal materials are suitable for building a cultivation space in the yard or garden. But if they are going to build the greenhouse on the roof, they should choose a material that is more resistant to wind and external pressure.

Also, the terrace of some buildings is roofed or its sides are limited by walls. In this situation, they should choose a skeleton whose parts have a smaller diameter so as not to prevent maximum light from reaching the plants.

Choose the right cover

The cover material that farmers use in commercial and research greenhouses is no different from home samples, and any material with the following characteristics can be the right choice:

  • It should be transparent and provide the maximum amount of light to the plants.
  • It has high resistance to moisture.
  • Heat and cold insulation.
  • Can withstand wind and external pressures.
  • It prevents harmful sun rays from reaching plants by having uv properties.

Having said that, various materials such as glass, plastic and polycarbonate are suitable for building a home greenhouse, the choice of each of which depends on the following factors:

  • Amount of budget available (price of glass and polycarbonate is higher than plastic)
  • The desired location and how windy it is
  • Personal taste
  • Frame material (for example, glass cover cannot be installed on plastic pipes)

geographical direction

The issue of the geographical direction of the construction of the greenhouse is more important, especially in home samples. Because in these cases, unlike commercial spaces that are free on all four sides, the light may shine on the plants from only one geographical direction.

In other words, greenhouses that are free from all directions can use sunlight at all hours of the day and plants can grow better. But this issue is limited in home greenhouses on the terrace; Because in the terraces, usually only one or two geographical directions are free and the other directions are covered with walls.

Note that terraces with the following directions are suitable for building a greenhouse, otherwise growing plants will be accompanied by problems:

  • A terrace facing south
  • Double terrace with south and east directions
  • Dober terrace with north and south directions (the possibility of its existence is low)
  • East facing terrace
  • A terrace facing north-west or south-east

necessary equipment

Due to the limitation of home cultivation space, it is not possible to install equipment on a large scale, and even installing them may be harmful to the growth of plants due to disturbing the balance of the space. People can use the following devices and tools to control the conditions of the home greenhouse:

  • Common household thermometers
  • Home and small ventilation system
  • Conventional fans for cooling purposes
  • Small electric heaters due to the absence of harmful gases caused by municipal gas fuel
  • Household cold water misting devices

The cost of building a home greenhouse in Mashhad

As you know, Mashhad is one of the most expensive cities in Iran, where property prices are higher compared to other cities. For this reason, the cost of building a commercial, research, etc. greenhouse on a special land for this work will be higher than usual.

But in the case of home greenhouses, because people do not pay extra for buying or renting land and build the greenhouse in their own space, the construction costs are no different from other areas.

final word

The construction of a home greenhouse in Mashhad is of special importance due to the special conditions of this city and it faces obstacles that we mentioned in this article and the stages of building a home cultivation space.