In this article, we will try to introduce the equipment used and useful in the greenhouse in 12 parts and review the important points in their preparation and use.

Before entering the subject of greenhouse equipment, it is necessary to explain their importance. We know that flowers are cultivated in areas with warm air and outdoors. In cold regions, due to seasonal limitations, the production of it in the open air is problematic here that controllable environments such as greenhouses and their facilities show their importance. Nowadays, many plant products are produced using indoor environments in non-tropical regions.

Favorable conditions in terms of humidity, light, air and soil are necessary for the growth and development of greenhouse plants, and the lack of one of them causes interruption in growth and development, and on the other hand, young plants reproduced in the greenhouse need protection against unfavorable factors so that they can grow and develop, in any case, the use of equipment and facilities in horticulture makes it a suitable place to grow garden plants. Be.

Based on available information, the greenhouse industry in the Golden Age, i.e. around 1600 CE, was established in the Netherlands and provided the ground for the production of spring flowers in winter and unseasonal fruits.

Here we are going to introduce equipment and tools that will help us maintain and control the more favorable conditions of the greenhouse.