Fogging in some cases causes problems due to excessive wetting of plant leaves. Cloud devices can be used to solve this problem. These devices make water very small like a cloud that remains suspended in greenhouse space for a long time.

The superstructure system is composed of a pressurized water tank (3.1 to 3 times) that delivers water to superstructure sprays by low hole nylon pipes. A compressed air tank is also embedded in the system that delivers air under pressure (5 to 7 times) to the sprayers to remove water under pressure as very fine particles from the spray. Sprays are located at distances of 2 to 3 meters apart at the desired level.

This system is controlled by a humidifier and automatic switches on and off. Using these devices, the system can be adjusted for different amounts of cloud playback.

Service and maintenance of cloud maker system

Cover the inner surface of greenhouse glass with special plastic curtains if needed to prevent contaminated water in contact with glass.
Install the compressor in dry and open space outside the superstructure space.
Clean the filters that are in the path of water pipes frequently.
Drain the water that accumulates in the air tank's sedimentation pit every week.
Open the superstructure sprays and close after washing and cleaning.
Control automatic pipes, fittings and valves so they don't rot.