The greenhouse canopy shading with aluminum strips reflects an important part of the incoming light through the roof and walls of the greenhouse and performs the greenhouse shiding action. In the hot summer season, during the day, it reduces the greenhouse temperature from 4-7 degrees, improves the cooling or cooling system of the greenhouse and saves water consumption. In the cold winter season, the Siving energy curtain or thermal curtain can reflect up to 70% of the heat to plants and increase the greenhouse temperature from 3-6 degrees, reflecting the light and heat inside the greenhouse improves plant growth.

 Also, by widening the sheed curtain, especially at night, the greenhouse space becomes smaller and less air volume needs to be heated, which results in energy storage, reduced fuel costs and optimization of fuel consumption and greenhouse heating. On the other hand, the unique fabrication of these curtains reduces moisture and diseases by preventing condensation droplets on the leaves. 

The durability of energy storage shadding curtains is very important. The presence of 7% harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight causes damage and depreciation of shading curtains and energy storage, so enough anti-UV additives in these curtains cause their long life. Energy storage shade curtain and shade inside the greenhouse with 54% shading and 57% energy storage is the best type of curtain.