To supply the shortage of CO2 gas in the greenhouse air, special devices called carbon dioxide producers are used.

The plant must have enough CO2 when it is in the process of photosynthesis Otherwise, the plant will suffer in terms of growth, yield and product quality

To supply the lack of co2 in the greenhouse air, special devices called carbon dioxide producers are used.

Types of carbon dioxide generators

There are different types of these devices. In this section, three common types are mentioned

a)Hanging torch

These burners are hung at regular intervals in the greenhouse and produce carbon dioxide by burning natural gas or propane gas. These burners are designed to burn gas completely and do not produce toxic gases in any way. In addition, the CO2 produced from these burners is odorless. Depending on its size, each burner enriches up to 600 square meters of CO2.

b)Combined carbon dioxide heater

They are the same industrial furnaces that produce hot air, whose carbon dioxide is emitted by fumes in the greenhouse space. The control and ignition systems of these stoves are the same as other greenhouse heaters, each stove can enrich up to 2000 square meters of the greenhouse.

c) Petroleum carbon dioxide

They are direct type furnaces in which special oil is usually used for fuel. These furnaces double fuel to convert all the carbon dioxide produced into CO2.

 Carbon dioxide control systems

Large amounts of greenhouse carbon dioxide emissions are released by wasting valves, so the CO2 system must be equipped with automatic control devices. If a computer system is not available, the following devices must be used:

1) Solar timer

Turns on at sunrise and off at sunset, automatically adjusts the length of time the CO2 is on

2) Micro switches

They are connected to air conditioners and when they are turned on and off, they do the opposite and turn on and off.

3) Photoelectric cells

These cells are sensitive to the intensity of sunlight and by increasing the intensity of light, they force the CO2 device to work, and vice versa, they turn off the device by decreasing the intensity of sunlight.

Service and maintenance of CO2 devices

1) Open and clean the flame spreaders and close them again

2) Wash the air filters occasionally with a clean brush to remove soot

3) Clean straight heating ovens

4) Test control systems to make sure they are safe

5) See a specialist if you have any problems