This system is mostly used in greenhouses of cuttings and transplantation, fogging is performed by nozzles embedded on the planting bed or greenhouse roof at short and intermittent intervals. The intermittent part of water on hot summer days reduces the temperature of the air inside the greenhouse and around the plant. In greenhouses where fogging is done, the seed substrate should have a good drainage, in some cases, by this food system, the plant is also provided. A fogging system is composed of water source, pipes, fittings, pumps, filters, sprayers and automatic keys to cut and connect the water flow.

Exposings usually depend on the width of the bed at a height of 5 distances, but usually one meter is considered. The automatic key establishes the current, the water flow from the filter path of pipes and fittings reaches the sprayer, the sprayers convert the water into particles 100 to 120 microns and spread it in space. According to the amount of evaporation from the leaf surface, the duration of fog exit from the sprays is adjusted.

Dubai Regulatory Devices:

In the fogging system, according to the amount of evaporation from the leaf surface, the duration of fog exit from the sprays is adjusted by different devices.

Electronic or artificial leaf:

This piece is composed of two electrodes whose distance is about 12 mm and is usually linked to a tray or sowing bed by needle. The electronic leaf must be aligned to the culture level, the electrodes are connected to the 24V control box by two wires.

The fog on the plants is simultaneously poured on the electronic leaf, and with the accumulation of moisture on it, the current between the electrodes is established through water, the automatic valve is closed on the water and as a result, the water flow is cut off to the fog maker. After evaporating the water from the electronic leaf, the current reconnects and starts by opening the automatic valve.

Light meter:

This device has an electronic eye. Absorbs the sun's energy. This system starts by evaporating water from the leaf surface because the evaporation rate has a direct relationship with sunshine, so there is a direct relationship between sunlight and the work of the device, because other factors other than sunshine energy evaporation is effective for more accuracy, other equipment may be added to this system.

Hessaz timer:

This device disconnects and connects the system with predetermined durations. The time of timer disconnection is adjusted according to the type of planting of ambient temperature and sunlight. Fog maker timers are used as supplements in areas with high sunshine duration, along with one of the two mentioned systems.

Services and maintenance of fog-making devices:

Open the sprays, especially if the water used is heavy, and clean them with detergent solutions to remove their sediments.
In some sprays to prevent congestion, filters are embedded, usually these filters should be replaced.
The surface of the artificial leaf must be smooth and smooth to make the machine work better and regularly control so that it does not align.
If the artificial leaf is precipitated, the system does not work well, it is better to clean it with soft sanding. Do not clean the surface of the leaf by rubbing the hand as it may cause the surface to become greasy.
Control automatic valves, pipes and fittings so they don't rot.
Wash the main filter of the device so that the water flow does not interrupt. If necessary, replace the filters.