Construction of Spanish-style greenhouses in 60 countries - a Spanish expert said: "Standardization for Iranian greenhouses is not in line with what is done in European countries."

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, in a meeting to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Deputy Minister of Interior, spoke about the existing greenhouses in the country and said that most of them are without standards.

Abdul Mahdi Bakhshandeh, noting that the ministry's policy is to develop greenhouse cultivation in the country, said: "Of the 9,000 hectares of greenhouses in the country, only 150 hectares are literally greenhouses and the rest are not standard."

According to him, farmers are supposed to be fully convinced to grow vegetables and summer in the greenhouse environment, and this issue should be implemented by the end of the sixth plan.

Meanwhile, one of the Spanish greenhouse experts said today in an interview with IANA on the sidelines of the Agrofood Exhibition 2016 in Tehran: "No standard has yet been defined for greenhouses in Iran and the basic principles are not observed."

Gustave Alvarez believes that before building a greenhouse in any place, the area should be evaluated and measured in terms of climate, climate and production. Then the proposed type of structure is presented and implemented; Something that is less present in Iran and is not observed as it should be and maybe.

Noting that the company has experience in building Spanish-style greenhouses in 60 countries, he added: "European greenhouses follow certain standards that make their structures better and more efficient; Therefore, when such standards do not exist in Iran, there are fundamental differences in the type of structures in this country with European lands, which will ultimately show its impact on optimizing water consumption as well as product performance and quality.

According to the regional and international sales manager of the Spanish company "Astor", many projects have been implemented through this Spanish company in Iran, and the evaluations show the improvement of crop production in different sectors by farmers compared to the open space.