Fogging system is a very effective and efficient tool for cooling and providing moisture for large monolithic spaces such as greenhouses for flower and plant and fungi, livestock and poultry breeding halls, niches and industrial open or closed spaces, recreational open spaces, parks, etc.
This system is especially used for cooling and supplying moisture of greenhouses or livestock and poultry farms that are faced with big problems of low humidity and high heat in summer because low humidity and high temperature in these environments cause severe reduction in crop production and cause many problems.
The basis of this system's work is based on the principle of producing very fine particles of water about an approximate size between 3 and 20 microns (depending on the nozzle used) and spreading them uniformly throughout the environment, which is suspended due to extreme fineness and lightness and high ratio of surface to volume in the air, and by rapid absorption of heat in the space, they evaporate and cool the space and cool the space. Increases the moisture inside the space without leaving any trace of wetness on the surface of the floor.
In the female moisture system and the cooling of the fog, the principle of throbbing or sudden reduction of pressure from a high pressure to a low pressure is used to evaporate the water, which the schematic form below the components of the system shows how it works.

1- High pressure piston pump: These pumps are produced in different sizes and pressures by several manufacturers and are the main components of a fogging system.
2- Pressure regulating milk: These milks are installed on the high pressure pump exit in order to adjust the pressure and the outer debbie of the pump according to the number and size of the nozzle used in each project.
3- Water filter: The water filter is placed in the pump entry path to prevent the entry of fine solid particles in the water into the pump and then the nozzles.
4- High pressure hoses: They are used to deliver high-pressure water to the head of fogging nozzles. 
5- Fogging nozzles: These nozzles, which are produced in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 microns, are used to convert high-pressure water into fine-water seams. 
6- Hardening: In areas where water quality is low and has many salts, hardening should be used to prevent the closure of nozzles by deposition of salts in order to prevent excess water solutes and prevent from reaching the pores of nozzles.
7- Water heater: If we want to use fogging in cold seasons of the year, it is better to use hot water in the system to prevent the cooling of the environment and for this reason, according to the consumer's request, a number of water heaters will be placed in the water path entering the pump. 
8- Thermometer and humidifier: It is used to control the temperature and humidity of the environment.
9- Control board: According to the system requirements and customer's request, a control board including the required controllers will be installed on the system.


Fogging system applications- fog maker

The fogging system is used with its extraordinary efficiency for the following:

Ambient cooling


Pest control (by controlling the abyss temperature of the environment prevents the spread of pests emitted by low humidity and high temperatures).

Control of dust and bad smell (by moisturizing the air and releasing fine particles of water in space, dust particles and bad environment odor are dissolved in these water particles and are removed or deposited by ventilation of space).

Spraying and fertilization (toxins and liquid fertilizers can be distributed uniformly through this system throughout the space).