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Blueberry is a generic name for several plants with fruit sets of the genus Vaccinium. The genus also includes Black Gilea, Cranberry, Bill Berry, a species whose fruits are sold on the market under the name Blueberry or blueberryy, native to areas of North America that were not introduced to Europe until 19300. [1] They are usually standing, but are sometimes found as curved shrubs with lengths ranging from 100 cm (3.9 inches) to 4 meters (1,600 inches) for height. Its flowers are steak and rust shape and are found in white, pale pink or red or even sometimes green. This fruit is also found in green tomato season or (plums)

Usage limit:

So far, there is not enough scientific information to determine the dosage range of Blueberry. Remember, natural products are not necessarily safe. If you have a specific illness or complication, pay attention to the packaging label before taking any product or consult your doctor.

Best time to consume: 2 hours before or after meals