This device is used in three types: industrial (spa, steam, electric), industrial standing and greenhouse

In the vast majority of industrial heaters, workshop heaters, heat heaters, hot air furnaces, greenhouse heaters, and greenhouse heaters; Poultry heaters and heaters for poultry and heat generators, mushroom halls and refrigeration systems made in Iran. The furnace part of the device, which is in direct contact with the burner fire, is made of 3 or 4 or ... steel, which in addition to Adding to the weight of the device and throwing very high energy with each time the torch is turned on and off, a very thin layer of sulfide steel sheet is separated from the furnace wall plate, and as a result, in less than two years, the industrial heater will need to replace the furnace. . Poultry farmers and mushroom salons who have a lot of experience are well acquainted with this problem.