Knowing and estimating the costs of building a greenhouse is very important and necessary to start working in this field.

Based on the mentality of the general public about the production of products such as cucumbers and tomatoes in basic and simple greenhouses, many people interested in this industry mistakenly imagine the costs of greenhouses and product production to be much lower than their actual level, so by wasting capital Few of them and non-standard greenhouse construction will save the price and reduce the cost of building the structure and current costs.
However, it should be noted that just as the excess of costs causes the failure of an economic project, reducing the costs too much and not complying with a series of necessary standards in the construction of the structure and current costs can also cause the failure of the project. Also, on the contrary, some people may be disappointed in the initial research regarding the cost of modern greenhouses and crop production.

Rules and regulations for building a legal and standard greenhouse

In short, the current rules and guidelines of the Agricultural Jihad Organization state that in order to obtain a permit for the establishment of a greenhouse, the applicant must provide the required documents for at least 5000 square meters of land, water and electricity, and request the construction of a greenhouse with a minimum level It should have 3000 square meters in order to obtain a license through legal procedures.
According to the published instructions, the standard greenhouses accepted by the agricultural jihad are classified into four classes, A to D, and the quality and cost of their construction increases from D. We need to build a greenhouse that meets the minimum standards against wind, snow, environmental stresses, and other upcoming events such as floods, storms, earthquakes, etc. It should also be noted that what differentiates the production of greenhouse products in the enclosed space of the greenhouse compared to the production of products in the open space is the possibility of controlling 4 effective factors in production, namely temperature, humidity, ventilation and light. Therefore, the minimum expectation of a producer from the greenhouse space is that the environment with the ability to control the above items is at the highest level and the exchange of temperature, humidity, etc. with the environment is at the lowest level.

Also, the greenhouse space should have the ability to prevent the penetration and spread of pests and diseases, and by providing the best conditions for crop production and plant growth, it should minimize the risk of production.