Bahar Gostar Asman Aras Company was established in 2014 with the aim of equipping and expanding modern greenhouses and exporting and importing various structures and supplies of glass and polycarbonate and plastic greenhouses.The company operates by constructing prefabricated commercial and research greenhouses and importing greenhouse structures and basic and essential greenhouse necessities including polycarbonate sheets and greenhouse plastic, cooling and heating equipment, seeds and pesticides and fertilizers for greenhouse cultivation. And with the progress in this field, entered the import and export and construction of modern industrial greenhouses, including glass, polycarbonate and plastic, as well as home greenhouses and educational greenhouses.

fields of activity:

  • Import of all greenhouse equipment, including glass and polycarbonate greenhouse structures and intelligent hydroponic intelligent feeding machines, drip irrigation equipment and related parts
  • Import of polycarbonate sheets, cellulose pads and exhaust and circular fans, radiant heaters and fogger or sprayer equipment, including Bertolini pumps and fogger nozzles in different types and special nets for shading and energy saving and all permitted items related to Greenhouse.
  • Design and implementation of greenhouse heating and heating systems as hot air heaters or heaters in various types of steel and steel heaters, jet heaters, central heating systems or boilers and heater units, radiant heating systems, and underfloor heating and soil heating.
  • Implementation of all intelligent automation systems and greenhouse climate control
  • Implementation of hydroponic culture substrate systems in various types of metal gutters or metal substrates with Plast carton coating, Grubg and vitamin culture substrates and distribution of coco peat and perlite in different types.