Structure of circulating plan height of 6 meters

Structure of circulating plan height of 6 meters

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Circular greenhouses

Circular greenhouse structures are arched roofs and vertical walls. They are mostly built in tropical areas where the wind is strong. The construction of the greenhouse is north-south and they are sunny all the time in sunlight. Due to the good resistance of circular greenhouses against wind, water (heavy rain) and snow, it has become very popular in the world. In circular greenhouses, most summer crops are grown on the floor of the greenhouse.

Structural Specifications:

The structure has a column height of 4 meters and an arc height of 2 meters and the final height of 6 at the peak point of the greenhouse.

The width of the halls is 9 and 9.6 meters.

The pillars of the structure are hot dip galvanized and the cross section is 80*80 mm and the thickness is two millimeters and the height is 4 meters, which will be installed in long rows with a distance of 3 meters.

All headers are prefabricated hot dip galvanized welds or bolts and the studs of the structure are 6 khums with a thickness of 1.5mm.

The arcs of the structure are of 2 inch diameter pipe and 2 mm thickness and hot dip galvanized type, as well as the interface of the arcs from the pipe is one-and-a-quarter inch and the thickness is 2 mm and the hot dip galvanized and the truss network is w and of the pipe diameter 1 inch and thickness is 2 mm and galvanized hot. All packages and bolts used are galvanized.

The structural valves are pigeon wings with a width of 1.25 meters throughout the hall and 1 meter, which will be installed in number 1 for each hall, which is an electric drive system and semi-automatic control panel.

The plastic used by the structure is turkish country and has a thickness of 200 microns, uv 10 percent.

All iron and fittings used in the steel structure for 10 years against rust and plastic structure for three years against resistance to UV radiation and technical points with written guarantee of two years and structure for two years are subject to free after-sales service.

The value of the structure per square meter of the structure includes the provision of materials and complete construction and installation and delivery according to the criteria set foregoing in the above paragraphs per square meter of the area. It's Toman.

The employer is responsible for the costs of transportation, fares and land leveling, as well as the supply of three-phase electricity and foundation implementation.

Thanks to the management of Sepid Sazeh Nargesian.

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