Circulating pigeon wing structure height of 4.7 meters

Circulating pigeon wing structure height of 4.7 meters

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Circular greenhouses

Circular greenhouse structures are arched roofs and vertical walls. They are mostly built in tropical areas where the wind is strong. The construction of the greenhouse is north-south and they are sunny all the time in sunlight. Due to the good resistance of circular greenhouses against wind, water (heavy rain) and snow, it has become very popular in the world. In circular greenhouses, most summer crops are grown on the floor of the greenhouse.

Structural Specifications

Concrete foundation with dimensions of 50×50

Columns cans 6×6 or pipe 6g thickness of two mills to height of 3 meters

Column spacing in length of 3 meters

Span width 8m and 9 m

Arcs pipe 5 hot dip dip double mill

Pipe arc interface 3 and 2.5 (depending on the width of the arc span) hot dip galvanized and thickness of 2 mm.

Truss network as w and from pipe 3 and 2.5

Bracings and inhibitory reinforcement of cultivation from pipe 4

Longitudinal harnesses of 4 gram galvanized pipe thickness of 2 mm

Hot dip galvanized wires and 2.5 mm thickness of Zanjan Wire Industry Co.

Pigeon fin valves with a width of 1.25 cm and a length of structures that will have one valve for each gutter and have an electric stimulus system.

Side valve of a number.

Iranian-branded plastic rokh or chemistry or lotus plastic has a UV percentage of 8% and a thickness of 220 microns.

Per square meter of supply according to the above clauses and construction, assembly and installation of complete meters. Rs






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