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Gothic Greenhouses (Spanish)

Gothic greenhouse structures are a combination of peak and circular greenhouses with angled roofs. The advantage of gothic greenhouses is their relatively high resistance to strong winds and heavy snowfall. The special shape of the roof allows water droplets to fall on the cover and no water droplets drip on the plants. The Gothic greenhouse arch also raises the height of the central ridge of the greenhouse building, creating the space for growing tall crops (such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers) and many tropical trees.

Structural Specifications:

The structure has a column height of 4 meters and a height arch of 1.8 meters and a final height of 5.8 meters at the peak point of the greenhouse.

The width of the halls is 9.6 meters.

The distance of the columns from each other in the side rows is 2.5 meters and in the middle rows is 5 meters.

Foundation is in situ concrete with a height of 50*50 cm and a height of 60 cm.

Structural columns are hot dip galvanized and cross section is 80*80 mm and thickness is 2 mm and height is 4 meters.

All headers are bolts and nuts and the studs of the structure are 7 khums with a thickness of 2.5mm.

Structural arcs are of 2 inch diameter pipe and 2 mm thickness and hot dip galvanized type, as well as the arcs interface of 1.1.4 inches pipe and thickness of 2 mm and hot dip galvanized and truss network w and of 1 inch diameter pipe and thickness of 2 mm and hot dip galvanized. ●All packages and bolts used are galvanized.

The structural valves are pigeon wings and have a width of 1.5 meters throughout the hall and 1.25 meters, which will be installed in 2 numbers for each hall, which is an electric propulsion system and intelligent control.

The plastic used structure is turkish country and has a thickness of 200 microns, 10% UV and entifogue.

All iron and fittings used in the steel structure for 10 years against rust and plastic structure for three years against resistance to UV radiation and technical points with written guarantee and structure are also subject to free after-sales service for two years.

The value of the structure per square meter of the structure includes the provision of materials and complete construction and installation and delivery according to the criteria specified in the above paragraphs. It's Toman.

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